So Be It


The George McKenna Story / Hard Lesson

 サウス・セントラル (サウス・ロサンゼルス)にある高校の校長に着任したジョージ・マッケンニーがギャングが闊歩する荒れ果てた高校を、生徒たちが安心し、希望をもって勉強できる場に立て直そうと奮闘する。



















 「Cry Freedom」をみた後だったので、見ながら色々と複雑な気持ちになったりするとこともあったのだけれど、でもやってみないことにはなにもはじまらないし。



- I feel stupid.

- Well, would you rather feel stupid or be stupid? It's stupid not to try.

- Come on, Man.

- What are you so afraid of? There's nobody in here but you and me.

- I feel like a fool.

- Well, welcome to the human race. Because that's how all of us feel at one time or another.


- Look, Mr. Rogers, don't do to your son what the past has done to you. Let him take his own shot. All right, maybe he won't become president, maybe just a well-paid lawyer, but that's not so bad. What you have here is one damn fine son.

- These black hands don't know nothing but work. You learn something.


- Cowards die many times before their deaths, The valiant never taste of death but once. (Shekespeare)


 - This is what they expect us to do, all right? This is what they expect us to do, like a  bunch of stupid niggers. Is that what we are? huh? All right, have some respect for yourself, not for me, not for him, not for EJ, not for those people in the school. Now if you want to be a man, be a real man! 


 - Then you go back to the gangs.

- Mr. Mckenna, stop dreaming, man. You just don't get out of the gang. That's just the way it is.


- Young people, we must make a commitment that non-violence can be a way of life, within ourselves, our homes, our school, and our community. I would like to leave you with one thought. When confronted with someone else's dilemma, someone else's problem, it matters not what happens to you if you get involved, rather than what happens to them if you do not.


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