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2019年4月29日に51歳の若さで他界されたジョン・シングルトン監督を偲んでタイリースが「Baby Boys」の撮影現場をめぐるフッテージをインスタにアップしました。



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My tribute to our hero John Singleton..... still can’t believe you’re gone..... King Singleton RIP

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These last 48 hours I’ve been isolating and slipping in and out of bad energy and vibes..... Didn’t really know why.... Then I get a text that one year ago today I loss my hero John Singeton.... My Mr Miyagi... The man who sat me down and poured into me and seen more in me than I seen in myself around acting and movies...... Although prayers are always welcome..... I’m going to be ok... If you can do anything for me today..? Just pray John’s beloved Mother, Father and kids and family.... Still can’t believe you’re gone..... Miss you everyday John! Feel blessed cause you got to meet and hold my daughter Soraya!!!! #RIP to both Kings..... King Walked and King Singleton..... #OneOfThoseDays

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アイス・キューブも「Boyz N The Hood」の頃の思い出とともにジョン・シングルトン監督を偲ぶ言葉がツィートされておりました。