So Be It


Arrow: Season 8 Episode 7 - Purgatory




 ラストのウィリアムやミアとのお別れも泣けたけどやっぱりディグルとの別れが切なすぎる。 嫌だよぉうこのままオリバー死んじゃうのってどうしてもなっちゃう。




Oliver: William, what you were able to do, you're a hero.

William: Well, I had a pretty good example.

Oliver: It means a lot to me that I've had a chance to to see the type of man you've become. I hope you'll forgive me for lots of things eventually.

William: Dad, I already have. I mean, I know for you I only left a year ago. For me, it's been 20 years, and back then when I was a kid, I didn't understand what it meant to fight for something bigger than yourself, but now I do, and I'm really proud of you, Dad.

Oliver: Not as proud as I am of you.

William:..I'm gonna hug you now.

Oliver: You better.


Diggle: You know, Oliver, I once told you a long time ago that a soldier never lets a brother go into battle alone. I think that's why it was so hard for me to accept the idea that you weren't gonna make it out of this. I felt like I'd be failing you.

Oliver: You could never fail me, John.

Diggle: I'm gonna stick by your side for as long as I can, but I know you have to do this alone.

Oliver: Every mission has an end.

Diggle: I wish this one didn't.

Oliver: I couldn't have done any of this, any of it without you. You've always been my rock.

Diggle: Don't mean the best man you've ever known?

Oliver: I also mean that.


Oliver:  For a very long time, I have hated this place. Just I'd think about all the people that it took from me. It would just... It would just make me so angry.

Mia: But you're not now?

Oliver: I'm still a little bit angry. This island taught me to survive. It turned me into someone else, somebody better than the person I was before. So despite my feelings There are no stories about the Green Arrow to tell if I don't make my way to Lian Yu, and I'm also not standing at this moment, looking at my daughter.

Mia: Thank you for letting me be a part of your story, even if it was only for a little while. Oliver :Mia, something tells me you're gonna create your own stories.