So Be It


Arrow Season 8 Episode 3 - Leap Of Faith

オリバーはモニターに関する情報を得るためにNanda Parbatを目指す。






 アサシン・リーグをヒーロー・リーグに変えるためタリアとともに弟子たちを鍛えていくらしい。 別れのシーンの切ないこと切ないことったら。




Thea: It says Al-Fatih was visited by a God who possessed the power to see all that is and all that will be. He believed that if he failed to keep the balance between good and evil this God would bring forth the end of times, the annihilation of all things. Ollie, if that's true, this means that It means Mar Novu is not trying to prevent what's going to happen because he's gonna be what causes it.


Oliver: I can't believe I'm saying good-bye to you again.

Thea: Well, you're not. Think of it as a "See you later, and please don't die."


Thea: One of us is gonna have to let go first.

Oliver: Same time?


Oliver: I'm gonna miss you.

Thea: Every day, I miss you.

Oliver: Good-bye, Speedy.

Thea: Bye, Ollie.