So Be It


Supernatural Season 15 Episode 2 - Raising Hell

「スーパーナチュラル シーズン15」の感想です。



































Dean: Too much EMF. You can still see 'em, right?

Belphegor: Yeah, there were some over there, but they spotted us and left. Not their favorite.

Dean: So you were a dick to 'em in Hell, huh?

Belphegor: No. I did my job. It's Hell. It's not a day spa.

Dean: Can't believe I've teamed up with a demon again. Think I'd know better by now.

Belphegor: Teaming up with a Hunter. I could say the same.

Dean: Why are you helping? Belphegor: I told you, I like Hell the way it was. I'm a good soldier.


Dean: This is quite the list of ingredients. Hope you got an Amazon account. Rowena:Prime.



Dean: Hey.

Castiel: Yeah, hey. Dean, I recognize that I dropped the puck.

Dean: Ball. It's, uh It's "dropped the ball".

Castiel: Ball, right. I didn't tell you about Jack, and then after what happened with your mother.

Dean: Don't.

Castiel: You're angry.

Dean: Yes, I am angry. At everything. All of it.

Castiel: All of it?

Dean: This mess all the messes. It turns out that we're just hamsters running in a wheel our whole lives. What do we have to show for it, huh? Tell me you don't feel conned. God's been lying to you, Cass, forever. You bought into the biggest scam in history.

Castiel: You don't think I'm angry? After what Chuck did? After what he took from me? He killed Jack. But that doesn't mean it was all a lie.

Dean: Really?

Castiel: Chuck is all-knowing. He knew the truth, he,he just kept it to himself.

Dean: Well, now that his cover's blown, everything that we've done is for what? Nothing?

Castiel: Even if we didn't know that all of the challenges that we face were born of Chuck's machinations, how would we describe it all? We'd call it "life". Because that's precisely what life is. It's an obstacle course, and maybe Chuck designed the obstacles, but we ran our own race. We made our own moves. And mostly, we did well with that.

Dean: Did we? I'll tell you what we do know. Nothing about our lives is real. Everything that we've lost, everything that we are is because of Chuck. So maybe you can stick your head back in the sand, maybe you can pretend that we actually had a choice. I can't.

Castiel: Dean. You asked, "What about all of this is real?" We are.


Dean: Kevin? I don't believe it.

Kevin: Yeah, I was gonna meet up with you guys sooner, but I kinda just got here. Kevin Tran. Former prophet

Ketch: Arthur Ketch, uh former assassin. Mostly.

Dean: What are you What are you even doin' here? You're supposed to be in Heaven. Kevin: Yeah, not so much.

Dean: Chuck said he was sending you to Heaven.

Kevin: Yeah, what he said, not what he did.

Ketch: Wait, he lied? For what? Kicks?

Dean: Turns out, God's a dick.


Dean: Kevin's not even supposed to be in Hell, okay, so when this is all over, we're gonna send him up in Heaven where he belongs.

Belphegor: Yeah, yeah, not gonna happen. Souls cast down to Hell? That's the end of it. Heaven can't take 'em.

Sam: That's not true. Our dad made it to Heaven after he was in Hell.

Dean: And Bobby Singer.

Belphegor: So God made an exception. Didn't he used to like you two? Just saying. Without the big guy them's the rules.


Sam: Hey. Kevin said he wants to leave.

Dean: "Leave"? No. No, no, no. We We gotta get you into Heaven.

Kevin: How? Belphegor says I've been in Hell. Heaven can't let me in. Sam: Kevin, being a ghost with nothing to hold you anywhere that would be a terrible way to exist. Dean: That's true.

Kevin: Look, I got two options Hell or Earth. In one, I get tortured for eternity. In the other, I might go crazy. Guess I'll take door number two. I won't go back to Hell. Maybe I know Belphegor can't power up the warding but maybe he can make just a bit of it dip? You know, for a minute. E-Enough to let me out.

Sam: I'm sorry, Kevin.I wish there was some way to make this right.

Kevin: Me, too, but there isn't. And sometimes, you just gotta accept that. Besides, I'm better off than I was and I mean, there's a whole world out there.

Belphegor: Would you come on, already?

Dean: Take care, Kev.

Kevin: I love you guys.