So Be It


Supernatural Season 14 Episode 19 - Jack in the Box

















Dean: We know it wasn't easy for some of you to get here, and we thank you. We, uh We gave her a Hunter's send-off a few days ago. But we know that her family went beyond just us. Some of you hunted alongside her. Some of you fought Michael with her in the other world. You know, we lost our mom once before. But we got a second chance with her. And we got to know her not just as "Mom," but as someone who was tough and strong. Stubborn as Hell. Someone who had opinions and wasn't shy to use them. She could handle a machete. She could handle a vampire. She could handle our old man. She couldn't cook worth a damn. Mom, you weren't here long enough. But we're so glad for the time that we had. Goodbye, Mom.



Bobby: Make sure I get my hatchet back. Damn wraith. Knew him from a nest your mom and I busted up on our last Hunt. Probably here to gloat. The bastard.

Sam: Thanks for coming out. 

Castiel: A Hunter's memorial, complete with monsters Mary would have appreciated that.

Bobby: Now that you mention it, yeah. How are you?

Sam: Hey, you know. It's tough.

Bobby: And the other one? Yeah, Dean seems to be doing okay.

Sam: Hard to say.

Bobby: Yeah. Maybe he's like me. Bein' teary in public's not my style.





Sam: Hey. Uh, most everybody's headed out, but Bobby's gonna stick around. I thought maybe we could open that Scotch Ketch left and hang out, talk about Mom.

Dean: "Talk about Mom"? 

Sam: Yeah.

Dean: Isn't that what we've been doing? 

Bobby: Thanks. Memory lane? 

Sam: Yeah. I mean, Dean couldn't have been but 4 years old. I wasn't even 6 months.

Bobby: You know, at one time, you boys were good-lookin'.

Sam: Thanks.

Bobby: Sam. What exactly happened to her? Because I'm hearin' the kid...


Sam: Hey.

Dean: Hey.

Castiel: You need anything? 

Dean: Yeah, I need a drink.

Bobby: Bar's open.

Dean: Nah, I need to get outta here for a while.

Sam: But, dude, we got to talk about Jack.

Dean: We will.

Bobby: About that. I liked the kid. We fought together. But there's only one way this ends.

Castiel: Bobby's right. We have to find Jack and help him.

Bobby: What? That kid... he killed Mary! 

Castiel: I know that.

Bobby: Ah-ah. Don't say "but.

Castiel: But he...Jack may not even realize what he did was wrong.

Bobby: If his human side is gone, you know what's left... Lucifer. Now, if you boys want to sit around and talk, fine. But me? I'm gonna get on the horn to some of my people and go find that boy.

Castiel: And what then? 

Bobby: An unstoppable monster who don't know right from wrong gets put down -- or the closest we can get to it. And anybody who don't know that needs to go back to school.



Castiel: Even after hearing what I said, you want to keep Jack sealed in a living death?

Dean: He agreed to it. Because deep down, I think he knows it's best.

Castiel: No. You're doing what Dumah..You are manipulating him.

Sam: Cas.

Castiel: What? You just want to forget about him?

Dean: I wish I could forget about him! After what he did? And you know what he can do. This is our only play.