So Be It


Supernatural Season 14 Episode 16 - Don't Go in the Woods




The Devil You Know

The Devil You Know

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DEAN: So, telling the kid... you think that's the best idea?

SAM: What? You don't?

DEAN: It doesn't make his life any better, you know? Do what we always do. When in doubt, lie.

SAM: Yeah, right. Like we did with Jack?

DEAN: I took care of it, okay? We took care of it.

SAM: No, no, Dean. We did not take care of it. You did. And do you think you really took care of it the right way?

DEAN: Jack said he was fine.

SAM: Yeah. He's a kid. And when we were kids, how many times did we tell Dad that we were fine just to make him happy?


DEAN: Hey, kid. We're back. You still at it?

JACK: Almost there. How was the Hunt?

DEAN: Oh. Uh...disgusting.

JACK: Oh. Well, I got the supplies. Except for the beer. I didn't have ID.

DEAN: You have tons of IDs.

JACK: They're fake.

SAM: Jack... listen. Dean and I, we -- we want to talk to you about your powers.

JACK: What about them?

DEAN: This Hunt, we, uh... we didn't want you coming along because we didn't want you using them.

SAM: Not yet. Not for now. You know, you just got 'em back, Jack. We want to make sure you're comfortable with them again before you...

DEAN: Before you go all X-Men. It was crappy of us not to tell you. You know, we were trying to be nice. 'Cause we care about you. But because we care about you, you deserve the truth.

SAM: You understand that? Jack?

JACK: I understand. I won't use my powers without permission. Promise.

DEAN: Great. And I guess I'll go get some beer.

SAM: What about everything else? You good? I mean, anything happened while we were gone?

JACK: No. Nothin'.

SAM: Good.