So Be It


Supernatural Season 14 Episode 15 - Peace of Mind




We Live In Two Different Worlds

We Live In Two Different Worlds

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Castiel: Oh.Thought you, uh, were gonna sleep until the cows dragged you home.

Dean: That's not the...Never mind. I was putting some gear away, and Rowena called.

Castiel: How is she? 

Dean: Not great. She's coping. But, uh, you know, at least she's not dead. How's the kid? 

Castiel: Well, he says he's good, but What about Sam? He says he's good.

Dean: I think they're both full of crap.


Sam: Found us a case. Arkansas.

Dean: We've just done three back-to-back Hunts. I need some rest. At least a night. We both do.

Sam: Yeah, well I'm leaving in ten.

Dean: Like I said, not good.

Castiel: Maybe I should go with him. And you can stay with Jack.

Dean: Why? 

Castiel: You were right. Jack is struggling. And I've tried, but...

Dean: Why do you think he'll talk to me? 

Castiel: Well, because he looks up to you. And his soul...I mean, you've seen this before.

Dean: No, no. No. See, I was... I was not great with Sam, you know, when he was, uh But Jack's soul isn't completely gone. At least I don't think so.

Castiel: We just don't know how much is left.

Dean: Well, how am I supposed to figure that out? 

Castiel: I don't know! Just talk to him. Get him to open up. And then Sleep until the cows come home.

Dean: There it is. That's the saying.




Dean: So, what's the verdict? Does he have a soul?

Donatello: I suppose the first question we must ask ourselves is, what is a soul?

Dean: Donny.

Donatello: What? I'm sorry. Um, I'd keep an eye on him, but I think if he seems okay, he probably is.

Dean: So he's not like you? 


Donatello: Oh, no. I'm a Prophet of the Lord, but he ...Jack's probably the most powerful being in the universe. I mean, really, who knows what's going on inside his head? 


Castiel: Sam, I know you want to be happy. And I know what it's like to lose your army. I know what it's like to fail as a leader, Sam. But you can't lose yourself. You have to keep fighting. You can't lose yourself, because if you do, you fail us. You fail all of those that we've lost. You fail Jack. Sam, you fail Dean.






Dean: Well, it seemed like the snake enjoyed the trip.

Jack: Hard to say. He's, uh, very guarded.

Dean: Yeah. Yeah. And what about you, huh? Good time? 

Jack: It was illuminating.




Dean. Oh. Hey! How was Arkansas? 

Sam: Arkansas was, uh It was weird.

Dean: Heard you wore a cardigan.

Castiel: Yeah, I told him about the cardigan.

Sam: Great. Thanks. And the wife.

Dean: He said you were, uh, really happy.

Sam: Thanks.

Castiel: Yeah. Where's Jack? 

Dean: His room.

Dean: Really happy, huh?

Sam: I mean, I guess I was happy, but It wasn't real, you know? Just 

Dean: Well, not a lot of happy goin' on around here.

Sam: I hate this place right now. I hate it. Everywhere I look, I see them. I see Maggie. I guess that's why I was so desperate to get out of here, why I kept running us ragged. But I got to stop that. I can't keep running. I...This is my home. This is our home. Dean, I think I just need some time.

Dean: Okay.