So Be It


Supernatural Season 14 Episode 11 - Damaged Goods




No Time

No Time

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Monsters & Saints

Monsters & Saints

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DEAN: Hey.

SAM: Hey. How you feeling?

DEAN: What you reading?

SAM: Uh, going back through the Book of Jubilees. You know, the way they classify angels is – is – it’s really interesting.

DEAN: Find anything on Michael?

SAM: Not yet, but I… but I… but I just started. We’ll find a way.

DEAN: Man, I… I appreciate it, you know, you… trying.

SAM: Well, yeah. Of course. I mean, always. You wanna hop in, help out? I got plenty to go through.

DEAN: Actually,  I thought I’d go for a drive, you know? Just me and Baby, long stretch of road. And figured I’d make it a twofer – I’d go see Mom at, uh, Donna’s cabin.

SAM: Yeah. Yeah, that’s sounds great. Be good to see ‘em. Just let me, uh, find a stopping point and get packed up.

DEAN: Uh, actually, I was, uh… was kinda hoping for some one-on-one time with Mom, if that’s cool.

SAM: Ye – uh… sure, yeah. Whatever you need.

DEAN: Okay....Take care, Sammy.



SAM: Sorry, I’m just – I’m worried, you know? Ever since we locked Michael up, Dean’s been acting strange, and he just packed up and left, and then, uh…

MARY: And what?

SAM: He hugged me.

SAM: Mom, we don’t hug. I mean, w-we do, but only if it’s literally the end of the world, you know?



MARY: Awesome. You know, if you wanted to make it a full reunion, we could call Sam over.

DEAN: Yeah, you know, I was thinking I’d actually be a little greedy with my Mom time, if that’s cool.

MARY: Well, I just thought, you know, if you’re staying a few nights…

DEAN: I don’t want Sam here.

MARY: Everything alright?

DEAN: Yeah, no. You know what? I just – I’m – I’m hangry, okay? Long drive, haven’t eaten, and, uh, I’m starving, actually.

MARY: Well, uh, the delivery options are a little limited this far out, and we both know I’m not much of a cook.

DEAN: Well, there’s one thing you can cook better than anybody on the planet.

MARY: Winchester Surprise?

DEAN: Yeah.

MARY: I can’t believe you remember that. I can’t believe I ever fed that to you and John. It was so greasy, like… heart attack on a plate.

DEAN: A delicious heart attack on a plate, okay? I would like mine with extra cheese.

MARY: Alright, then.

DEAN: Yes! Oh, and uh…

MARY: Pie.




DEAN: He comes back, he’s standing there, He’s soaking wet, and he’s pulling baloney and sliced cheese out of his pants. So, me being the big brother, I’m the cook. I take all that baloney, all that sliced cheese, and I put it onto a hot plate.



DEAN: Yeah.


DEAN: It stunk up that room so bad. Dad comes home, and he is so mad. He picks up everything, chucks it in the trash. Probably reminded him of you, and… Anyway, it did not taste right. It didn’t taste like this.

MARY: Oh. Sometimes I forget just how much I missed while I was gone and how much the two of you just…

DEAN: But you’re here now, right? And even though the last couple of years have been a little rough, just knowing that you’re around, that you’re alive… Mom, that’s meant everything to me. And everything to Sam. And how great is this, hm? You and me, sitting here, eating the real thing, not some baloney version of Winchester Surprise? You know, we’re not fighting any monsters. There’s – there’s no clouds on the horizon.

MARY: Dean?

DEAN: Mm-hmm?

MARY: Whatever you’re going through, you can talk to me.

DEAN: Everybody keeps asking how I am. And how I am… is I don’t want to talk about it. Please.


SAM: Say it. I can see you want to. Might as well go ahead and say it.

DEAN: Alright. Nick is not a project. He’s a freakin’ puppy. He was Lucifer’s vessel for years.

SAM: I know that, Dean. I thought --

DEAN: You thought he’d what? Just walk it off? Come on, man. You’re not that dumb.

SAM: It’s not about being dumb, Dean. It’s called compassion. Look, what happened to Nick could’ve happened to me. It almost happened to me. You change one little thing in our past, and that was me. Lucifer wearing me to the prom. And besides, since when do we give up on people? Since when do we just cut people loose?

DEAN: Well, maybe you need to learn, okay? ‘Cause when people are past the point of saving, maybe you need to learn to walk away.



SAM: That’s your plan? You want to be buried alive?

DEAN: Buried’s not safe enough. Plan is, pay a little hush money, charter a boat to take me out to the Pacific. Splash.

SAM: You and Michael, trapped together – for eternity?

DEAN: Yeah.


SAM: You do realise how insane this is, right?

DEAN: It’s the only sane play I’ve got. Michael gets out, that’s it for this world. And he will get out.

SAM: Well, how do you know that for sure?

DEAN: Because I do. Because I can feel him in my head. That door is giving. I can feel it giving.


SAM: But there has to be another way.

DEAN: There’s not, okay? There – Sam you’ve tried. Cas has tried. Jack… And I love you for trying. But none of it’s gonna work.

SAM: We don’t know that.

DEAN: Yeah, we do.

SAM: What?

DEAN: Billie.

SAM: Billie?

DEAN: She paid me a little visit. She said that there’s only one way this ends right. And this is it. This, right here, this box. So, she gave up the special recipe, and all I had to do was the work. It’s fate.

SAM: Since when do we believe in fate?

DEAN: Now, Sam. Since now.

SAM: So… you came out here to see Donna, to see Mom on some – some what? Some sick, secret farewell tour? You were gonna leave, and you weren’t even gonna tell me. Me. Do you realise how messed up that is, how unfair that is?

DEAN: I didn’t have a choice! Sam, you’re the last person I could tell, the last person I could be around, ‘cause you’re the only one that could’ve talked me out of it. And I won’t talked out of it. I won’t. I’m doing this. Now, you can either let me do it alone… or you could help me. But I’m doing this.

SAM: Alright.