So Be It


Supernatural Season 14 Episode7 - Unhuman Nature





I'm Blue This Mo'ning

I'm Blue This Mo'ning

  • Keith Nichols
  • ディキシーランド
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Let It Ride

Let It Ride

  • Bachman-Turner Overdrive
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Jack: Since I've been alive, everyone assumed. I would be this special "person" who goes on forever. Only now it looks like forever might be a couple of weeks, so...We don't know that. What I do know is I'm done being special. Before my life is over, I want to live it. I just want a chance to… get a see a hockey game...get a parking ticket......get bored... and when it's all over...die.

Dean: So that's your plan, huh?

Jack: I don't want to waste time arguing. I know you disagree.

Dean: Did I say I disagree?



Jack: It's like I'm you.

Dean: No, it's not.

Jack: Okay.

Dean: Eyes on the road. Feels good, doesn't it?

Jack: Yeah.

Dean: Oh, ho, ho. All right.

Jack: This is the best day ever!

Dean: You know what? There's nobody around. Why don't you open it up a little bit?


Sam: Yo, Cass, wait. Are you sure you wanna handle this alone?

Cass: I, uh… I feel the need to do something. And I think Dean's right. We can't afford to overlook any possibility. He seems to be taking this particularly hard.

Sam: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, he..., uh, was pretty rough on Jack at the beginning, and...I don't think he's forgotten. And I know he hasn't forgiven himself. You know, he's lost people, we've all lost people, but, um…

Cass: This feels different. Losing, um...a son...feels different.



Jack: I can drive!

Dean: Yeah, you can.

Jack: No, for real. I'm a driver.

Dean: Yeah, born with the wheel in your hand, right? All right, so what do you want to do next? I know of a bar near here, little low on class, but high on hook-up potential. Personally, I've never missed at this place. Hm?

Jack: Actually, I've kind of got an idea.




Dean: Well, bait and beer. You are a cheap date. This certainly isn't Tahiti.

Jack: You once told me you and your father did the exact same thing. It was your happiest memory of him.

Dean: I didn't say that.

Jack: It was how you said it. I could tell. I guess my point is that… if I don't make it...

The stuff I'd wouldn't be things like Tahiti. Or the Taj Mahal. I'd miss more time with you. I'm getting that life isn't all these big, amazing moments. It's time together that matters. Like this.

Dean: Well, who'd have thought hanging out with me would make you sentimental?

Jack: I've had a good life, Dean.



Dean: I shouldn't have done it. I shouldn't have taken him out.

Sam: It was what he wanted. I mean, we knew he was gonna get worse, regardless. Dean: Yeah, but it was too risky.

Sam: Yeah, but, Dean, life, all of it, is a risk. Jack knew that.

Castiel: And you made him happy. You did more for him than any of us.