So Be It


12 Monkeys Season 2 Episode 13 - Memory of Tomorrow




Silent Night (Arr. H. Miessner for Choir)

Silent Night (Arr. H. Miessner for Choir)

  • Cappella SF & Ragnar Bohlin
  • クリスマス : クラシック
  • ¥150
  • provided courtesy of iTunes


Jolly Old St. Nicholas (Traditional Orchestral and Choir Version)

Jolly Old St. Nicholas (Traditional Orchestral and Choir Version)

  • Will Schaefer
  • クリスマス
  • ¥250
  • provided courtesy of iTunes


Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

  • アレサ・フランクリン
  • ホリデー
  • ¥250
  • provided courtesy of iTunes


Nevermore Blues

Nevermore Blues

  • ジョン・スペンサー & Ray Verta
  • ロカビリー
  • ¥150
  • provided courtesy of iTunes


It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (Vocal Version)

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (Vocal Version)

  • ジョン・フォックス
  • クリスマス
  • ¥250
  • provided courtesy of iTunes



Cassie: Merry Christmas, James. For you.

Cole: Oh. No.

Cassie: Please? I want to see what you look like under there.

Cole: Nope.

Cassie: Come on. You're not living in the 2040s anymore.

Cole: Your turn, come on.

Cassie: Why do you look nervous? 

Cole: I've never done this before. My dad would give me a little something, but Usually, a train. I used to love trains. He was good. It's for your, uh I just remembered that thing you said about, uh, not every cater - 

Cassie: Caterpillar becomes a butterfly.

Cole: Yeah. Anyway, I know it's dumb.

If you don't like it 

Cassie: No, it's I love it. Thank you. I have one more for you.

Cole: Mmm more. Bring it on.

Cassie: You're gonna be so good, too.

Cole: I - 

Cassie: Hey.

Cole: Wow. Ha.

Cassie: This is exactly where we're supposed to be. Home.




Lillian: Green to red, flesh to blood.

Cole: Two things existing at once, beginning and the end.  And I can't do anything to stop it.

Lillian: You can.

Cole: The paradox already happened in 1957. We failed.

Lillian: The final strike in your strikeout. You need to back it up and swing again.

Cole: Oh, you don't get it. I can't travel through time anymore. I don't have a machine.

Lillian:  James Cole does not need a machine. Go down the rabbit hole. Drink me.

Cole: I've seen what this does to people.

Their minds are untethered, they're Out of time, which is where you need to be.

So, what, I drink this and my consciousness - drifts up the time stream? 

Lillian: To any moment you've been before. Find the you in 1957, take control, undo your mistakes, stop the paradox, and save us all. But everything that's happened since that moment Will be undone.

Cole: Cassie.

Lillian: Or do nothing, and watch the ones you love be consumed by the Red Forest and suffer eternal.

Cole:  I'm not like you. I can't erase her. Them.

Lillian: Some happiness is better than a lifetime of anything else. Death can be undone, James. Love cannot.


"Love cannot."のくせものぶり。いい意味かと思ったら...。



Cassie: I know you didn't go into work today. What's going on with you? 

Cole: Uh, I just had to go for a drive, - clear my head.

Cassie: Don't bullshit me, Cole.

Cole: Cassie 

Cassie: Look, I get it. This is a lot for you. It's too much too soon.

Cole:  No, no, no. That's not it.

Cassie: Then what? You've been walking around in a funk, and the only thing that's new with us is what's new with us. I just want you to feel how I feel.

Cole: I do. I just had to get my mind around it. Believe me, there's nothing I've ever wanted more than this.


Cole: Wow. You don't you don't even know who I am yet. I got to get out of here. This is too early. This is not good.




Cole: Oh, yeah, this is where I meet 

Jennifer: Who are you? 

Cole: Hey Jennifer, I'm Cole.

Jennifer: Are you real, Cole? 

Cole: Listen, I'm sorry I can't stick around, but do me a favor. From this point forward, don't ever call me otter eyes again.



Jennifer: Come on, Cole, let's go.

A daughter: You're leaving us? You'd sacrifice your life for them? 

Jennifer: Yeah.I would. I don't know what old me taught you, but clearly she forgot the most important lesson.

A daughter:Which is? 

Jennifer: Be excellent to each other.

 "Be excellent to each other."ってかっこいい。


Ramse: Well, that took you long enough, brother.

Cole: Saving your ass takes time.



Ramse: You! You brought us here. You told us to come here.

Cole: Hey! Hey, enough! Hey, enough! 

Cassie: I saw him! He was here.

Ramse: Where is he? - 

Cole: Hey! Don't make me regret coming back here for you! 

Ramse: You know what this place meant for me.

Cole: I know.