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12 Monkeys Season 2 Episode 11- Resurrection



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2 of my favorite monkeys. #12Monkeys #SDCC

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You Make Me Forget (feat. Emily Spalding)

You Make Me Forget (feat. Emily Spalding)

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Cole: You should come with me.

Cassie: To 1957? You don't even know who the Primary is back there.

Cole: We'll find them.

Cassie: "There is no we." Remember? The fight is here, Cole. I'm not running away with you.

Cole: Is that what you think I'm doing? Running away? I am trying

Cassie: Don't try to save me. I'd rather take my chances in Titan.

Cole:  What you're doing right now Shutting down, locking everyone else out so you don't have to feel the pain That's running away.




Cole: Ramse, God damn it! What are you doing?

Ramse: Hold your fire! You all right?

Cole: Yeah. I just got shot at. I'm great.

Ramse: We got to talk. Don't shoot.

Cole: So it's come to this, huh?

Ramse: Doesn't have to. You can just walk away. Let us use the Machine.

Cole: Not gonna happen.

There's no time.

Ramse: There's plenty of time.Enough time to program one last jump.

Cole: You don't know what you're walking into. Jennifer told me there's nothing but death at Titan. You won't find him. You'll kill yourself trying.

Ramse: I'm already dead. You can't know. You've never had a family. You've never been a father.

Cole:  I always thought you were my family.

Ramse:I love you too. Both of us are not gonna end up on the same side of this.  You know that, right?

Cole: Can't let you take the Machine.

Ramse: You come for it, I ain't gonna stop them next time.

Cole: You really want it to end like this?

Ramse: Don't do it, Cole. You might get me, but then they'll get you. Then neither of us gets a chance.

Cole: Yeah, sometimes you got to lose to win.

Ramse: Well, one of us is gonna win. Good luck.


Deacon: Don't you forget about me I'll be alone dancing you know it baby Tell me your troubles and doubts

Cole: Deacon. What the hell are you doing?

Deacon: Consider this a little end-of-the-line party. Go out the way I came in. What do you say? You want to sword fight? Relax. You couldn't take me.

Cole: Jesus Christ. Put your goddamn clothes on. I need your help.

Deacon:  Oh, you need my help? Everybody needs my help until they don't. My boys, Cassie. Doesn't matter now.

Cole: My God. Of all the things, I never thought it would be Cassie who would take you down

Deacon: Oh contrary to popular belief and my sociopathic tendencies, a heart beats in this chest.

Cole: Jesus, man.

Deacon: You know, I knew my days with her were numbered when you came back.

Cole: Never been like that.

Deacon: But Ramse? Who would've thought he'd put a flag in her?

Cole: Ugh, it's not like that either.

Deacon: I got an idea. Why don't we Why don't we have a drink and talk about killing Ramse? Just like the old days. Don't you forget about me!

Cole: All right, pity party's over.

Deacon: It is over when I say it's over.

Cole: The world is gonna end before you finish that bottle.

Deacon: Ahh! Works for me.

Cole: All the shit that you have lived through The virus, scavs, the Foreman, your father You really want to go out like this?

Deacon: Jesus. You even talk like him.

Cole: Like who?

Deacon: My baby brother.

Cole: You are a survivor. That is what you do. Now, we are out of time here. I need your help so we can survive. Will you help me?

Deacon: All right, Cole. Let's go save the worl 

Cole: That's right. Get it all up.

Deacon: Agh!

Cole: Good?

Deacon: 100%.


Cole: The hell you are.

Ramse: Drop it, Cole.

Cassie: Put it down. Nobody here wants to hurt you.

Cole:  But you will if you have to, right?  Long as you get your revenge.

Ramse: Look around you, Cole. You're outnumbered.

Cole: You're right. I can't stop all of you. Thing is, I don't have to.


Cole: Cassie! Kill me. Kill the Witness. It won't matter. You'll still be afraid of yourself. Because you're the one who let him in.



Cole: I was worried you'd all be gone.

A daughter: Mother won't leave. There's something wrong with her. She's been saying a lot of strange things lately.

Cole: Sounds like regular Jennifer to me.

A daughter: No, she won't listen to us. You have to convince her to go.

Cole: Jennifer. I need your help.

Jennifer: Mayday, mayday! Terrorists have taken over the Nakatomi Building, Century City!

Cole: I don't know what that means.

Jennifer: It means, McClane, that I know why you're here. They've got your Machine, and you want me and my Daughters to be the cavalry.

Cole: Will you help?


Jennifer: Have I ever said no to you? Self preservation was never my thing. But there's something you've got now. I've seen it in all the adventures we've shared, even the ones we haven't yet. You're changing.

Cole: Into what?

Jennifer:  A leader. Takes one to know one. And the one thing I've learned is that a leader needs to make sacrifices. It's the price of taking people on. Are you willing to let someone you love die for your mission? For the good of the world? Say it.

Cole: I am.

Jennifer: And when you do, never look back.





Deacon: Sorry, Cassie.

Cassie: I get it. It's not personal.

Deacon: Oh, no. It's personal. Honestly, I could care less if Cole makes it back to 19-whatever or not. But a chance to piss on you and Jose, well, that was too much to pass up.


Cole: This the sacrifice you were talking about?

Jennifer: Hmm.

Cole: You knew this was gonna happen?

Jennifer: Ticky-tock, those eyes. Left, right, swaying like a granddaddy clock. Can't take 'em off me.

Cole: God damn it, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Today is September 23, 2044. The day I die.

Cole: This didn't have to happen.

Jennifer: It already did. If I die, my Daughters are gonna kill all of you. Unless there's a resurrection.

Cole: I can't undo this, Jennifer. There's no time to program a jump.

Jennifer: My Daughters need a Mother. Find a me who needs Daughters.

Cole: Resurrection. Jones, fire up the Machine.

Jones:  There's no time to program

Cole: No, set the exact coordinates from my last return jump. 2016. The hotel. Go. Go! 


Jennifer:Cole, is this what I become in the future? A woman who's failed everyone?

Cole: No.

Jennifer: Then tell me what happens. How does this end?

Cole: There are many endings.

Jennifer: Which is the right one?

Cole: The one that you'll choose.

Jennifer: Time to go.

Cole: See you soon.


Jennifer: Wow. You weren't kidding.

Cole: Jennifer.

Jennifer: What's wrong? Are you okay?

Cole: Listen, there's no time to explain. If I told you I needed you right now, would you help me?

Jennifer: Have I ever said no to you?

Cole: Self preservation's never been your thing.



Old Jennifer: Hello, egg. I'm chicken. Not too close, or we'll both go boom. May I have a moment to myself, please? Look how pretty I was.

Jennifer: Today is September 23, 2044?

Old Jennifer: Day my cycle ends. But yours is just rounding the big turn. The women out there, they need a leader now. For years I've promised them a holy resurrection.

Jennifer: No. I can't.

Old Jennifer: You can. You do. Now listen to me. You are now faced with a choice. There's a place far from here where the Witness feels safe.

Jennifer: Titan.

Old Jennifer: You've heard the name from the whispers in your head. You know what's there.

Jennifer: Death.

Old Jennifer: Now, the boys out there are fighting over that Machine. But Otter Eyes needs it to save us all. Stop the paradox in 1957. But you You have a choice. Spit in the face of death, lead the others to Titan, navigate the storms, and lead your Daughters to face off against the Army of the 12 Monkeys once and for all.

Jennifer: Or?

Old Jennifer: Or take them far, far away from here in the hopes that Cole succeeds and that one day this war will be over.

Jennifer: What did you choose when you were me?

Old Jennifer: Not to go to Titan. I wasn't willing to risk the lives of my Daughters. But maybe if I was braver I could've helped save the world.

Jennifer: But we're not brave.

Old Jennifer: But you can be a better me than I was.

Jennifer: That's not possible.

Old Jennifer: There are many endings. And the right one Is the one you choose.

Jennifer: Bingo.

Both: Choose your own adventure.

Old Jennifer: Oh! I love you. I know that's a really weird thing to hear but later, you'll need to remember that. Okay, egg. I'm dying now.




Jennifer:Daughters, can you lower your weapons and stuff? Please?

Hannah: Do as she says.

Jennifer: You. You need to get ready to go back and stop that paradox.  Running out of time. Ramse, Cassie you want the Witness? Let's go get the bastard.

Jones: There is no time to finish the calculations for both splinters.

Jennifer: We don't need this beast! Do we, ladies?

Ramse: You want us to go overland? You even know what's out there? You can't navigate those storms.

Jennifer: I got a yellow brick road right here in my head, chief. Ladies mount up. We're taking them to Titan. Let's go.


Cole: The Witness has always been one step ahead of us. He might be expecting you, so...

Ramse: Yeah, I know. We know.

Cole: Cassie.

Ramse: I'll see you soon.



Jones: I'm sending you back for a full year early 1957. It should give you a head start on the Messengers, and enough time to find the Primary and prevent the paradox. James! And if you don't, we don't have a Machine to bring you back. Thank you.

Cole: For what?

Jones: Believing in me.