So Be It


Supernatural Season 13 Episode 8 -The Scorpion and the Frog




Run on for a Long Time

Run on for a Long Time

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DEAN: You know, this could be a trap. I mean he could work for Asmodeus.

SAM: Yeah, but what if he's telling the truth? 

DEAN: You know, after Crowley, I told myself, no more demons.

SAM: Dean, we don't even know what this guy's deal is.

DEAN: Yeah, we do. He's a freakin' demon.

SAM: Yeah, but you said it yourself, we need a miracle. And maybe this is it.

DEAN: You know what "miracles" are called from demons? I don't know, but I'm pretty sure it's not "miracles".

SAM: How about this? Let's hear the guy out.

DEAN: All right, and after that, we kill him.



BARTHAMUS: The famous Winchesters.

DEAN: Some random demon.

BARTHAMUS: Barthamus. Bart's fine. Please, sit. I ordered cherry pie.

DEAN: Well, Bart, don't know what you've heard about us, but…

BARTHAMUS: Everything. I've been following your careers a long time. You're a real pain in the pitchfork. And the halo. Natural disrupters. We have that in common, you and I.

DEAN: Mm. Yeah, we're twinsies.



DEAN: Well, see, here's the thing. When a demon tells us to jump, we don't ask how high. We just ice their ass.

BARTHAMUS: How very "Dean" of you. [Chuckles] Sam, do me a favor. You're the smart one. Look into that. I'll be in touch.


SAM: Dean? 

DEAN: Yeah? 

SAM: Don't get dead.

DEAN: You, too. Let's go.


SMASH: Thanks for the ride.

SAM: You gonna be okay? 

SMASH: Yeah. I'm gonna be good. Hey, I just wanted to say I'm sorry. What you did for me you didn't have to do that. Thank you, seriously. See ya around.

DEAN: Hey, Alice. Stay weird.

SMASH: Yeah. 



DEAN: You okay? 

SAM: Yeah, not really. Not exactly the best day, you know? 

DEAN: Well, it's not the worst. We did save somebody. That felt good.

SAM: Yeah. Yeah, it did. But…

DEAN: We'll figure something else out. And if that doesn't work, then we'll move on to next, and then whatever's after that. We just keep working, 'cause it's what we do.

SAM: It feels really good to hear you talk like that again.

DEAN: I'll drink to that.