So Be It


Supernatural Season 13 Episode 3 - Patience






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DEAN: How is she?

SAM: Not great. She said that she got out of the life for a while but something happened and she needed help with a case, so I put Jody on it.

DEAN: Why would you do that?

SAM: Because we need to stay here. We need to help Jack learn how to control his powers. Jody can handle this.

DEAN: Yeah, maybe she can. Or maybe she ends up dead because you wanted to skip out on her to babysit the antichrist.

SAM: Dean, we need him.

DEAN: No, don’t.

SAM: Mom…

DEAN: Don’t. You… If you want to stay here and Mr Miyagi this kid, knock yourself out. I didn’t sign up for that. So I’m going to go to work. 


DEAN : You know, I said it before, but good work in there.

PATIENCE: Thanks, for everything.

DEAN: Have you given any thought to what’s next? 

PATIENCE: I don’t know. School is in an hour, so I guess calculus?

JODY: And your gift?

PATIENCE: I talked to my dad. He thinks I should put it away. Dad says we should just get back to normal. Maybe he’s right.

DEAN: He is. This life, hunting, monsters, there’s no joy in it. There’s nothing but pain, horror and death. So if you get a chance at normal, you take it.


SAM: How was it? Uh, Jody told me about Missouri.

DEAN: Yeah, just another day at the office. How’s the kid? He go dark side yet?

SAM: Nope. He is uh, he’s pretty messed up though.

DEAN: You’re telling me.

SAM: No, Dean. He’s messed up because of you. Dean, you said you’d kill him.

DEAN: It wasn’t exactly like that.

SAM: Then how exactly was it?

DEAN: I told him the truth. See, you think you can use this freak but I know how this ends and it ends bad.

SAM: I didn’t.

DEAN: What?

SAM: I didn’t ‘end bad’. When I was the freak, when I was drinking demon blood.

DEAN: Come on man, that’s totally different.

SAM: Was it? Because you could’ve put a bullet in me. Dad told you to put a bullet in me, but you didn’t! You saved me! So help me save him!

DEAN: You deserved to be saved, he doesn’t!

SAM: Yes he does, Dean, of course he does!

DEAN: Look, I know you think that you can use him as some sort of an interdimensional can-opener and that’s fine, but don’t act like you care about him! Because you only care about what he can do for you! So if you want to pretend, that’s fine! But me? I can hardly look at the kid! Because when I do all I see is everybody we’ve lost! 

SAM: Mom chose to take that shot at Lucifer. That is not on Jack! 

DEAN: And what about Cas?

SAM: What about Cas?

DEAN: He manipulated him, he made him promises, said, ‘paradise on earth’ and Cas bought it and you know what that got him? It got him dead! Now you might be able to forget about that, but I can’t!