So Be It


Supernatural Season 13 Episode 1 - Lost and Found




Nothing Else Matters

Nothing Else Matters

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Devil Gets Your Soul (Electro House)

Devil Gets Your Soul (Electro House)

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DEAN: How's the kid?

SAM: He's gonna be all right. I mean, Angel Radio sets his brain on fire, but other than that...

DEAN: So apparently, he can take an angel blade to the heart and keep on tickin'.

SAM: Yeah. I guess. Listen, I-I think we should take him back to the bunker with us. I know what you're gonna say...

DEAN: I agree.

SAM: W-what?

DEAN: I agree.

SAM: So you... changed your mind?

DEAN: No. No, nothin's changed. He's still the Devil's kid. He's still evil. He still brainwashed Kelly and Cas. And even if he hasn't gone Big Bad yet, he will.

SAM: You don't know that.

DEAN: Yeah, I do. 'Cause when have things ever gone right for us? So until I figure out a way to end him, we'll bring him home. At least there, the only people he can hurt are you and me.

SAM: Hey... Hey, you, uh, you sure about this, Dean? I mean, it's-- it's Cas, you know? Maybe we can bring him back, like you said.

DEAN: No, we can't.

SAM: Chuck did -- Uh, God did. Remember that? So maybe, um, I don't know, maybe if we prayed to him or-- or... 

DEAN: You don't think I've tried that?


DEAN: Okay, Chuck… or god, or whatever. I need your help. See, you– you left us. You left us. You went off. You said… You said the earth would be fine because it had me… and it had Sam, but it’s not, and we’re not.  We’ve lost everything. And now you’re gonna bring him back. Okay? You’re gonna bring back Cas, you’re gonna bring back Mom, you’re gonna bring ‘em all back. All of ‘em. Even Crowley. ’Cause after everything that you’ve done, you owe us, you son of a bitch. So you get your ass down here and you make this right, right here and right now. Please. Please help us. 

DEAN: God's not listening. He doesn't give a damn.


DEAN: Well, goodbye, Cas. Goodbye, Kelly. Goodbye, Crowley. Goodbye, Mom.

SAM: Dean, we don't know if Mom--

DEAN: Yeah, we do. We do, Sam. Lucifer killed her the moment he realized we trapped his ass. He killed her. You know he did. She's gone. They're all gone.





 まぁ、“Stay Dead”でいることが不可能に近いような界隈なのでキャスがこのまま逝ってしまうということはないと思いたい。