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12 Monkeys Season 2 Episode 3 - One Hundred Years




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Cassie: Hey! What the hell is this? 

Cole: What the hell is this? Jones promised me this bullshit was over! 

Deacon: You raise your voice to her again, and I will chew your goddamn face off.

Cassie: It's all right. It's all right.

Cole: Yeah, it's all right. Go nurse your wounds, Teddy.

Cassie: Stop it, both of you. We're trying to figure out where the Messengers went in the machine. 

Deacon: And your boyfriend is holding out on us.

Ramse: They didn't fill me in on a whole lot, including the part where they tried to kill me.

Cole: He's the asshole that brought them here in the first place.

Deacon: Mea culpa.

Cole: We stopped their plan to release the virus. Whatever's going on now, he's got nothing to do with.

Cassie: And what about 1944? 

Cole: What about it? 

Ramse: Nice tux.

Cassie: This is a relationship I will never understand.

Cole: You should hear what you just said.

Deacon: Oh, you sore about us? 

Ramse: Hey, guys.

Deacon: I trained her to survive, just like I trained you.I'll tell you something she's got a lot of talent.

Cole: Except for that blind spot when it comes to pieces of shit like you.

Cassie: What is that supposed to mean? 

Ramse: Hey! I know what this is.


Cole: September 1, 1944. We have to go back. We were there.

Cassie: You were also there in 1987. But that little trip didn't work out like anyone hoped.

Cole: Look, they went back and killed Crawford. We have to stop them and find out what they were up to. 

Ramse: Could be his research. It might be their plan B for the virus. They might know something.

Cassie: Crawford lived decades before anyone understood the basics of RNA propagation. His work would have been useless to the Monkeys.

Cole: Maybe he was ahead of his time, and they killed him before he got a chance to prove it.

Jones: We should go.

Cassie: To 1944? You want to just travel back through time 100 years to a world at war where people were paranoid and archaic? Cole can barely navigate 2016.

Cole: I'm standing right here.

Jones: That's why I'd like you to accompany him. You've seen the Messengers, seen their faces. You can identify them before they strike.

Cassie: The fight against the plague starts in 2016.

Jones: The first battle may very well have been in 1944.

Cassie: I'm not a time traveler.

Jones: Dr.Railly, I understand this is quite a change in dynamic but he needs you to guide him through that world.

Cassie: Katarina 

Jones: If Mr.Cole fails we all fail.


Cole: Well, if the Messengers found a way in, so can we. We've done it before.

Cassie: This will require a plan.

Cole: On the ground.

Cassie: No, not on the ground, Johnny Night Room.


Cole: He's done a number on her, huh? You sure it's not the other way around? 

Jones: Mr.Deacon is a necessary evil.

Security of this facility is paramount.

Cole: What about Ramse? 

Jones: I'll have a word with Mr.Deacon. Mr.Ramse was helpful today.

Cole: Then show him that matters. Let him see his son.


Jones: Initiate splinter sequence.

Cole: It's been a while since I heard that.




Cole: They don't give rooms to couples unless they're married. You had me worried. The party's tonight. I thought you might not make it.

Cassie: How long have you been here? 

Cole; Two months. It's all right. It gave me a chance to get things ready. I sold off a bunch of that jewelry. Money's not a problem.

Cassie: Good. I need clothes. I'm drawing attention.

Cole: I took care of that too. The salesgirl figured your size when I showed her this. I got a couple other dresses for you upstairs too. Hey, you want to sit down, grab a drink or something? I've been drinking whiskey sours. You ever have one of those? 

Cassie: Oh, my God. You like it here.


Cole: What's not to like? 

Cassie: We need a plan to get into a secure military function during wartime.

Cole: And I got us on the guest list with a generous donation to the Columbia Alumni Society. I'm on top of it. Just relax. Try to have some fun.

Cassie: This isn't a vacation.

キャシーよりも2ヶ月も前に到着していたコールたん。すっかり馴染んで順応性の高さをみせております。”人を殺さなきゃ”という呪いから解放されて少しゆとりが出てきたのかな。 それともキャシーと二人きりになれてミッションに取り組めるということで、元どおりの関係に戻れることを期待しているのか。

Dan: Mr.Cole? 

Cole: Yes.

Dan: Telephone.

Cole: For me? 

Dan: He asked for James Cole.

Cole: Hello? Hello? Nothing.

Dan: My apologies, sir. There was a man on the line. It sounded urgent.

Cole: All right, thanks, Dan.


Cole: What are you doing? 

Cassie: This picture's gonna be taken tonight. It could risk causing a paradox if there are two of them. You should burn those.

Cole: Where are you going? 

Cassie: To get ready. We have work to finish.



a Camera man: Hey, folks, how about a big smile, huh? Could get you in "Stars and Stripes." Oh, come on, sweetheart.You can do better than that.Perfect.Thank you. 

Cassie: Guess that's out of the way.



Ramse: Did you tell him? 

Jones: No. Children shouldn't be burdened with the business of adults. Your presence is affecting the balance of power in this facility.

Ramse: You're telling me that you can't stop Deacon from killing me. That's bullshit.

Jones: I've loved very few in my life My father, a husband briefly, and my daughter all three murdered by a disease in which you had a part. Why? To save the life of your child whom your barely knew? 

Ramse: You created time travel. Save your daughter. You of all people should understand.

Jones: Understanding does not lessen my contempt for you. My selfishness was in line with saving billions of lives. Yours was bent to destroy them. I cannot protect you here.

If this mission's to continue, a balance has to be restored.

Ramse: Well, since I'm gonna be dying soon, you gonna tell Cole what you did to me? Jones: There is a difference between what I'm choosing to do and what I'm unable to prevent. Mr.Cole will have to accept that it was the latter.

Ramse: My son? 

Jones: Samuel will always have a place with us.

Ramse: I want to see him one last time.

Jones: You just did.

コールたんのいない間に、ラムジーを排除しようとするジョーンズ。ディーコンとキャシーがくっついたなら、ジョーンズがディーコンをコントロールできないってちょっと考え難い。 コールたんにとってラムジーが大切な家族だって、わかっているはずなのに、こういうところ、コールたんをすごく裏切ってる感じがあってなんか嫌だなぁと。ジョーンズにラムジーと息子引き離す権利なんかどこにもないと思うんだけど....

Cole: She's not just crazy.

Cassie: She's She's what? Special? 

Cole: Yeah. She is. Maybe Tommy is too. Look, you might not like Jennifer 

Cassie: I might not like her?  You think that's my problem? 

Cole: I don't know. What is your problem? 

Cassie: I can't trust you. Simple as that.

Cole: I don't have time for this.

Cassie: Oh, I'm sorry. Did you want to go back and finish the mission? Because hate to break it to you, but that's not really your strong suit. You can't do what needs to be done.

Cole: Oh, this again? I can't get the job done just kill everybody? That doesn't work, Cassie.

Cassie: What about Aaron? It worked for him.

Cole: That's not fair. Aaron died...

Cassie: Aaron died protecting me from you.

Cole: You think I don't know what I cost you? Look, there's every reason to think that the Messengers are gonna go after this kid. They find him, they're gonna kill him. Now, you and me together can stop them. So what do you want to do? 


ここに来て、 アーロンのことでコールたんのことを責めるキャシー。でもあの時、キャシーだってコールたんが手を下す前にアーロンのこと切り捨ててたと思うんだけど。まぁ、アンリさんのこともあるし、コールたんもそこは辛い。結局あれは誤りだったって認めている今余計に辛いのに。

Cole: Take the shot.

Mantis : She won't. She can't.

いや、 ここで人質にとられて足手まといになってる場合じゃないよコールたん...。なんとかできんのかね?

Mantis: James Cole. This was not meant to be. You shouldn't be here. Don't worry. Cassandra won't forsake you. Do you know how important you are? No, not yet. How could you? 


 Tommy: Remember, James, the only failure is giving up.




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Pistol Packin' Mama (feat. The Andrews Sisters & Vic Schoen and His Orchestra)

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