So Be It


Supernatural Season 12 Episode 14-The Raid









Dean: And we're not? How do you think this has been for us? We're your sons, and you've been gone. Our whole lives, you've been gone. You said that you needed time. No, you said you need space. So we gave you your space. But you didn't need just space. No, you needed space from us.
Mary: That's not true. Dean, I'm trying –
Dean: How 'bout for once, you just try to be a mom?
Mary: I am your mother, but I am not "just a mom." And you are not a child.
Dean: I never was. So between us and them –
Mary: It's not like that.
Dean: Yeah, Mary, it is. And you made your choice. So there's the door.
Mary: Sam
Sam: You should go.



Dean: When I thought something might've happened to you, nothing else mattered.

Mary: Dean, the things I said –
Dean: No, Mom, you were... It's not your job to make my lunch and kiss me good night. It's – We're adults. You're gonna make your own choices, even if I don't like 'em. Even if I really, really don't like 'em. That's just something I'm gonna have to get used to. Okay, Mom?