So Be It


2 Monkeys Season 2 Episode 1 - Year of the Monkey





Olivia:  I want to tell you a story. Story story About how the world ends. And the man from the future sent back through time to stop it.


Here, in the present day, he uncovered a conspiracy: men in the shadows who sought to release a plague upon the world. They call themselves the Army of the 12 Monkeys.


But in the darkness, the man found hope: a woman, a partner. Together they fought to stop the plague, but fate was not on their side for, you see, the man also forged a bond with another, someone he considered a brother.

 If the man were to succeed and change the future, the brother's son would never be born, so the brother turned his back on the man and joined the enemy.

  The woman was wounded, dying in her time, so to save her, the man sent her to his. And in the end, because the woman had taught him to love, the man could not let his brother die. Even though it was written, the man broke that fate and changed time.
  Now, the time of the plague is upon us, and the man and woman are separated by oceans of time, destined to never see one another again.
 I told you, this is the story of how the world ends, one that begins at the end and ends at the beginning a story that, like time itself, can be changed.




Olivia: Hello, Traveler.

Ramse: You almost had me in Shanghai. London too.

Olivia: You cannot run from fate. Fortunately for us, you kept poking your head aboveground.

Ramse: Let me ask you, why is the Army of the 12 Monkeys trying to kill me? 

Olivia: Because your death is preordained. You served your purpose. Now the plague is imminent. It was your guidance that led us to the virus, and for this we're grateful. But now your cycle is complete. So long, Traveler.

Ramse: Now's a good time!


Cole: You all right? 

Ramse: That was cutting it close.

Cole: What are you talking about? Timing was perfect.

Ramse: They already had their guns drawn.

Cole: Relax! You're alive. He's such an old man now.

Olivia: James Cole.

Cole: Nice to meet you. Where's the virus? 

Olivia: I see that both of you are once again unified in purpose.

Cole: Nah.

Ramse: Not really.

Cole: We just don't like you.

Olivia: How we all feel about each other is irrelevant in this moment, because neither you nor your friend will leave this bridge alive. You're outnumbered.

Cole: How do you figure?

Olivia: The Witness has spoken.


Ramse: It was a good plan.

Cole: It coulda gone better.

Ramse: Nowhere to go. Don't do that. Don't do that! Cole! Shit.



Cole: You all right, old man?

Ramse: Jacked up my arm.

Cole: At least you got a dose of Jones's injections in you. It'll help you heal faster and age slower mostly.

Ramse: You know, these, uh old man jokes you keep saying. This gonna be, like, a running theme?

Cole: I think so. I like it.


Cole: We're low on ammo. Gonna need more if your friends show up again.

Ramse: They were never my friends.

Cole: That doesn't make it much better.

Ramse: You know they're never gonna stop, right? Witness knows the future. They're always gonna be a step ahead. You want to be running your whole life?

Cole: It's not about running. Cassie's gone. Maybe she made it to the future, maybe not. It's up to me now to stop the virus.

Ramse: That's right. Save everyone. Everyone except my son.

Cole: You know what? Why don't you stop me then, huh? Go ahead. I'm waiting for it every night I go to sleep. Kill me; it'd be the easiest thing in the world.

Ramse: Listen, you believe in the past. I believe in the future. It is what it is.

Cole: We get free and clear of these guys, we should split up.  For good. Make it harder on them, easier on us.

Ramse: It's been three months. You can't keep underground forever. It's like she said the minute we poke our head up, they're gonna find us.

Cole: They never found us in Berlin. We were in the tunnels the whole time there. We were underground.

Ramse: Right.

Cole: The 12 Monkeys might be able to tell the future, but that's not how they're finding us.

Ramse: They must have put a tracker in me.

Cole: We got to find someone who can find it and cut it out, some kind of back alley surgeon.

Ramse: I know a guy across the Danube. Worked with him at Markridge.


Cole: All right. You stay here underground. I'll go find him. Once we get that out of you separate ways.

Ramse: Hey. I think she made it.


Jones: Yes, but why are you here, Dr.Railly?

Cassie: We tracked Ramse to Project Splinter.

Jones: Mr.Ramse?

Cassie: He was working for the Army of the 12 Monkeys as their advisor for decades.

Jones: You stopped him?

Cassie: Cole wouldn't do it.

Jones: When it comes to Mr.Ramse, his judgment has always been unreliable.

Cassie: I shot Ramse.

Jones: I imagine that was quite difficult for you, being a doctor.

Cassie:  It wasn't.

Jones: That's good. Grieving over who we were only gets in the way of who we need to become.




Wilson: I don't want to get involved.

Cole: But you will.

Wilson: And why is that?

Cole: Because you owe him. We owe something to the people who make us better.

Wilson: I can treat him at my office.

Cole: No, he's safer underground. You have to come to us. Can you do it?

Wilson: It won't be pretty.

Cole: Doesn't have to be. I once knew a doctor. She pulled a bullet out of me using nothing but a pocket knife and a bottle of vodka from the minibar.

Wilson: She wasn't just your doctor, was she?

Cole: She made me better.


Wilson: Mr.Cole?

Cole: You looking for someone?

Wilson: Please. Please. Your friend's alive.

Cole: Your hands shaking now, Doctor? You're working for them, aren't you?

Wilson: Yes.

Cole: You didn't become anything better.

Wilson: But I wanted to. I wanted to.

Cole: So did I.


Cole: You're free and clear now, brother. He made a deal with them.

Ramse: Yeah.

Cole: What'd he say? Did he know anything?

Ramse: Nothing.




Deacon: Let him live, you created an enemy. Don't hesitate, don't miss, or we die. Clear?

Cassie:  I'm a doctor.

Deacon: Believe me when I tell you: "Do no harm" died 30 years ago.



Ramse: Where you gonna go?

Cole: I don't know. Double back. Keep trying to find the virus. Look, I'm sorry about all of it. Your son I never wanted that. Take care of yourself, brother.

Ramse: You too. 


Ramse: It's New York. Jennifer Goines has the virus.

Cole: Jennifer.

Ramse: Ben said it was gonna be the Chinese New Year.

Cole: Why you telling me this?

Ramse: I don't know. Part of me feels like it's not gonna make a difference. You're gonna keep on trying, and you're gonna get yourself killed. I just don't want it happening on my watch. Are we gonna go to New York or what?

Cole: So I'm on your watch now.

Ramse: Oh, never left.

Cole: Except when you stabbed me in '87.

Ramse: I did. I got you good.


Cassie: We need a plan.

Deacon: Can you control the power from in here?

Whitley: The core? Yeah.

Deacon: Question. You juice that thing, what happens to the machine?

Whitley: Well, it would overload. Take out everything in that room.

Cassie: What about Jones?

Deacon: Well, she should get down.

Cassie: Do it.


Cole: This is never gonna work. We got to split up, cover more ground.

Ramse: Then what? 

Cole: We stop her from releasing the virus.

Ramse: How are we gonna do that? 

Cole: We do whatever it takes.




Cole: Jennifer!

Jennifer: Cole. You're gonna stop me. Finally, someone's gonna stop me. Thank you for coming for me. Faith in humanity restored. Faith in myself, not so much. Okay, please do it. Do it.

Cole: Jennifer, just give me the virus.


a Man: No, Jennifer. This is your purpose. Your entire life has led to this moment. The Witness has spoken.You can drop it, Mr.Cole.

Cole: Shit.

a Man: See, you're cursing fate, but the real tragedy is the time you waste running from it.

Cole: Jennifer, you don't have to do this. You don't need anyone to stop you. You have a choice. This isn't fate.

a Man: Spoken from a man who is somehow able to defy it. Mr.Ramse was supposed to die. The Witness had foreseen it. But you saved Ramse's life. That changed things. But this deviation, Mr.Cole, has run its course.

Cole: Jennifer don't do it.



Cassie: Cole.

Cole: Cassie?

Cassie: You need to move out of the way.

Cole: What are you doing?

Cassie: Jones and I, we figured it out in 2044.

Cole: '44? How long were you there?

Cassie: Eight months. We found a police report. A man said he met a woman at a bar who claimed to have a virus. It was Jennifer, Cole, this whole time. This all ends when she dies.

Cole: No, this is a mistake. They're making her do this.


Cassie: Cole, you need to move out of the way.

Cole: Killing Jennifer is not the answer.

Cassie: Cole, you need to move. Now.

Cole: Cassie.

Cassie: Cole, drop it.

Cole: Please.

Cassie: Don't make me do this.

Cole: No one's making you do anything. You have a choice.

Cassie: So what's it gonna be




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