So Be It


12 Monkeys Season1 Episode 13 - Arms of Mine




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Cole: Where are you right now? Somewhere warm, safe next to someone you love?Now, what if all that was gone and the only thing you could do is survive? You would, right? You'd try. You'd do things horrible things until you lose that last thing you have left yourself. But what if you could take it back all of it? A reset switch? You'd hit it, right? You'd have to, even if you didn't want to. Because sometimes the choice isn't even yours. It's fate.


...even if you didn't want to. Because sometimes the choice isn't even yours. It's fate.




Cole: Didn't think I could find you? Thought you could hide? You think this is funny? 

Aaron: You're you're angry with me? You destroyed everything in my life. You're no savior, Cole. You're just a savage.

Cole: You want to know what makes a savage? Seeing shit no kid should ever see and then doing the same thing to survive. I was just a boy, watching the world die, alone. Now I know who I have to thank for that. Who are they? Hmm? Who are they? 

Cassie: Aaron, just tell us who you've been talking to.

Aaron: Cassie, we can survive the plague but not with him. Come with me. Stop this, please.Please.





Cole: What happened wasn't your fault.

Cassie: Aaron Betrayed us. He betrayed me.

Cole: Yeah, but it's not that simp 

Cassie: We have work to finish.  We have to focus.




Cole: Jennifer.

Jennifer: Otter Eyes, back from thin air.

Cole: We need to talk.

Jennifer: That whole Night Room thing what a rabbit hole. I was off my meds, super cray. Like, I saw things, like you disappearing before my eyes. Lots of nuts in that bar. I'm all better now.

Cassie: You sure about that? Because the dodo bird...

Jennifer: Oh, my God, those guys are such dicks. I just wanted to see their faces when they realized I set their money on fire. I have other plans for my company.

Cassie: So you're not cloning a dodo? 

Jennifer: Of course I am. I'm not a liar. I hate you.

Cole: Jennifer, we need your help.

Cassie: There's an investor in Markridge, a real power player. We're trying to find out who it is.

Jennifer: She talks too much.

Cassie: They've probably made key investments that have led to significant advancements... 

Jennifer: Ah.Bloop, blop.

Cassie: in your father's work.

Jennifer: Blippity-blah. That's all I hear when your face hole opens.

Cassie: I don't have time for you crazy bullshit. There's too much at stake, and my patience is gone.

Jennifer: Ethan Seki, venture capitalist genius. That's who you're looking for. Has a gift, knows things when to invest, when not to.

Cole: That's Ramse.

Cassie: That's him? 

Cole: Yeah. He looks exactly the same. I don't know how that's possible.

Cassie: Maybe it's Jones's injections. You said said that they make it so time moves around you. Maybe they have an effect on cellular aging.

Jennifer: He's recently become obsessed with this government project. He's looking for an intro. Raritan Valley 

Cole: Raritan Valley National Laboratory?

Jennifer: That's it. Called about it today.

Cole: Today.

Cassie: What is it? 

Cole: We need to leave, now.Jennifer, thank you, again.


Jennifer: It's done. He knows.


Cassie: What's Raritan? 

Cole: It's where they built the machine that sent me here Project Splinter.

Cassie: What does Ramse want with it? 

Cole: My mission begins with that facility. It's the only thing that can stop their plan. He wants to destroy it. If he does, it'll protect the future and his son.



Olivia: What are you seeing? 

Ramse: I'm trying to remember the future my past.

Olivia: Your longing for your son will soon be over.

Ramse: I can't remember his face.

Olivia: We're coming to the end. It's natural to be afraid.

Ramse: Who's that? 

Olivia: Your security. He will accompany you to Raritan.

Ramse: I don't need him.

Olivia: Today is a great day, but we must still be cautious. Your anonymous investments in their research made your existence here possible, but now their role in this is finished. The circle is completing, tightening with each action.

Ramse: It's not completed till I get to that machine. It's been a long time.

Olivia: We had to allow their research to progress without interference. That meant sacrificing influence. It's a delicate balance, and it ends today. Your entry into Project Splinter will expose us, but it's necessary. 


Cassie: I'm guessing that's not there in 2043. Okay, we'll split up. Better one of us reaches the machine than neither.


Cole: All right. Go down this corridor, down the hallway, down the stairs. The machine's a few doors in. If you run into Ramse, be careful. I don't really know him anymore



Cole: Don't move.

Ramse: Cole.

Cole: Don't.

Ramse: You're alive. Tokyo, I thought 

Cole: You killed me? 

Ramse: I thought Tokyo was as far as you ever got. Now I know.

Cole: This whole time it was you. Why? 

Ramse: You're still asking that question? This this place without me coming here, it would never have happened. Jones didn't even want me there in 2043. And it was mine. It took time travel to create time travel. That's how it works. There are no straight lines, brother.


Cole: So now you want to destroy it? 

Ramse: No. I want to go home to my son. I'm done here.

Cole: If this were really about your son you wouldn't want him to grow up just to die. You'd let him go. You wouldn't kill an entire world.

Ramse: Foster found a cure. We'll find another one. That is our world, not this. I spent the last 28 years living with ghosts. Our only future is the future.

Cole: Is that what you've become someone who will kill 7 billion to save one? 

Ramse: You'd do the same thing.

Cole: No, I wouldn't.

Ramse: For her? You're gonna tell me you risking your life coming back here this whole time was for everyone? No. Cassie. you love her. I love my son. He deserves a future. I did what I had to. Now you pull the trigger.


Deacon: Hello, again. Uh I would put that down if I was you.

Jones: Apologies, Mr.Deacon, but you're looking at someone who has nothing to live for.

Jones: You can't change the past. Nobody can. All that matters is what happens here in this time.


Cole: You were my brother.

Ramse: I know. I thought I killed you. I lived with that guilt for a long time. Killing you again can't be the last thing I do here.

Cole: Didn't have to be this way.

Ramse: Sometimes you're out of moves.

Cole: Atari.



Cassie: Whoa.

Cole: It's all right. It's all right.

Cassie: How is it all right exactly? This is him? Ramse, the Witness?

Ramse: The Witness? - 

Cole: It's not that simple.

Ramse: You think I'm the Witness.

Cassie: Do it, Cole.

Cole: I'm not doing anything.

Cassie: Shoot him.

Cole: No.

Ramse: I'm not the Witness.

Cassie: Bullshit.

Cole: Cassie, don't do this.

Cassie: "Don't do this"? He's killing everyone.

Cole: It's about his son. I can talk to him.

Cassie: Tell me, Ramse can we talk about this? 

Cole: Cassie, put the gun down. Please.

Cassie: He made his choice.




Cassie: There's no exit wound.

Cole: Cassie. Tell me what to do.

Cassie: I'm bleeding internally.

Cole: You need help. We need to call someone.

Cassie: They won't make it in time.

Ramse: Send her to Jones. We're both gonna die here. She'll save her. She won't save me. You inject her with that.

Cole: That could kill her.

Ramse: She's gonna die here anyway, man.


Cassie: What are you doing?

Cole: I'm sending you to Katarina.

Cassie: Cole, this won't work.

Cole: Come on. You okay?

Cassie: Good-bye.

Cole: I'm gonna see you soon.

Cassie: I don't think so.



Ramse: You make it back there you find my son, all right? Tell him I tried to protect him. I tried.

コールたんが マシンを使って未来に戻るのか、ここから生き続けて、いつかラムジーの息子に逢うことになるのかわからないけれど。もちろん息子に伝えてほしい気持ちも本当だろうけれど、ラムジーはコールたんに生きる目的を与えたかったのかもしれない。おれの息子に伝えるまでは死ぬことを許さない。そういえばコールたんが必死で約束を守ろうとすることはラムジーには分かっていただろうし。

a man: You're certain of all this?

Olivia: The Witness has spoken.

a man: But what of Jose Ramse?

Olivia: On this day, November 11th of 2015, history will show that Ethan Seki will be found dead beside the accelerator he helped finance. His circle will come to an end.

a man: And James Cole?

Olivia: James Cole will flee into obscurity, his future unknown to us. All of this is preordained, scripted by time, unmovable, because there is nothing more powerful than fate.


Ramse: What are you doing?

Cole: No one has to die. We'll find another way. 


目撃者すらしらないタイムラインで、まずコールたんが行ったことはラムジーを助けること。 ”No one has to die. We'll find another way. ”とはラムジーがコールたんに口を酸っぱくして何度も何度も言い聞かせていたことではありませんか。ラムジー、あきらめずにコールたんにモラル教育を施しておいて本当によかった!てか、あんな荒んだ世界で生きてきたくせにとってもいい子に育ってるんだよ、コールたんは。

Deacon: Where's Cole? Did he go in that thing?

Jones: Yes, and he'll never come back.