So Be It


12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 9 - Tomorrow






Ramse: I got to get you out of here. I'm gonna set you up at the facility. We got to leave now.

Elena: What?

Ramse: Foster lied to you. Jones said that it's all bullshit. He cured the wrong virus.

Elena: No. I saw it. I was in the lab when he did it.

Ramse:  I don't know what you saw.

Elena: Jose. This is our home.

Ramse: This is a cult. His sermons, they're all false hope. It's Deacon all over again. Let me take care of you. Let me take care of our son.

Elena: You are wrong about Foster. I'm going to prove it to you.

Ramse: I'm not going to have time. Cole's stuck back there. I got to do something. I'm gonna lose him.


Cole: We're lost, Ramse. I don't even know why we're running. We haven't seen Deacon or the Seven in years.

Ramse: We always got to run, brother.

Cole: My hands are numb.

Ramse: Here.

Cole: Thanks.

Ramse:  Find you another pair before winter. Frostbite's a bitch.

Cole: Yeah, I'm not worried about it. We're going to starve to death first, anyway.

Ramse: We'll find something. We always do.

Cole: Jose Ramse master of bullshit.

Ramse: What's your deal now?

Cole: What's my deal? My balls are like ice. We're starving. We got no food. We got no winter gear. We got no ammo.

Ramse: Well, if you stop bitching just one minute maybe I could think of something.

Cole: Maybe you could think of something?

Ramse: Yeah.

Cole: That's good. Look. we're screwed. Simple as that.


Ramse: You been to Florida?

Cole: No.

Ramse: Florida, that's that's the place for us, brother. Next winter, we're gonna be on a beach. Only thing hotter than the sun are the girls.

Cole: The Florida Keys, huh? Saw a picture of that once. Looked nice.


Cole: I think we can take them.

Ramse: There's six of them.

Cole: I can count. We're not gonna make it to Florida. You know that, right?

Ramse: Yeah, we are.

Cole: No, we're not. I'm done. I'm tired. Are we gonna do this or what?

Ramse: Yeah.


Ramse: Great idea.

Cole: Hey, if you had a better one, you could've spoken up.

Whitley: You must be the stupidest sons of bitches I've ever seen. General and lieutenant of a two-man army.

Ramse: Where are we? Where the hell is this place? -

Whitley: Wouldn't you like to know, shithead?

Cole: That's "General" to you, dickhead.


Cole: What's going on out there?

Soldier: Everyone just wants a cure.

Cole: There won't be one.

Soldier : You're immune, too. Guess we're the lucky ones. You ever wonder why? Why us? They'll find a cure. They have to.

Cole: Sorry about your husband.


一方、アメリカ軍に無事に回収されたコールたん。迎えにきた彼女も免疫持ち。 免疫をもっている人もいたのに治療薬がつくれないなんて、つらいなぁ。

Whitley: How'd you find this place? How many more of you Scavs know about this place, huh? I could do this all day. Can you? Had enough?

Ramse: Hey. Cole! Cole! I'm right here, man! Hey! Listen to me! Listen to me! OK?Remember Donovan!  

Whitley: Who the hell's Donovan? Who's Donovan?

Cole: Donovan.

Ramse: He was a buddy of ours.

Cole: He wasn't a buddy. He was just a guy we ran with. The guy was an asshole.

Ramse: He got caught by militia. They interrogated him.

Cole: They tried to.

Ramse: He was so scared.

Cole: He shit his pants.

Ramse: And they let him go. You don't want to be Donovan, Cole! Cole.


Jones: Stop. You. Your name is Cole? I've been waiting for you


Foster: You see, Kat, it's not gone. It doesn't die. Those days we spent trapped underground surrounded by all those books, human beings, gone. But their voices were still with us, thriving. We had hope. They were better times.

Jones: Yes, they were.

Foster: You and I were better, too.

Jones: We were.

Foster: You were the most brilliant woman I had ever known.

Jones: But I was also something else.

Foster: Yes? And what's that?

Jones: A mother.

Foster: Oh, oh Ka Oh!

Jones: Goodbye, Jonathan for now.  


-Cassie: The plague starts with Leland Frost. The true architects of the plague they're watching me. I'm running out of time is among you. Please, Cole.-


Cole: So what?

Jones: So what?

Cole: So what, some chick said my name. There's a million Coles. How do you know she's talking about me?

Jones:  I know.

Cole: How?

Jones: Just know I do as I knew that someday I would find you. This mission is preordained, Mr. Cole.

Ramse: Fraulein, he ain't interested.

Jones: Does your friend speak for you?

Cole: Look, not that this mission doesn't sound like a lot of fun, but I'm just not sure I'm the right guy for the job. You know, as a matter of fact,  My buddy Ramse here has a hole opening up in his schedule

Ramse: Oh, no, it's all you, brother.

Cole:  He might be able to help you out.

Jones: Fate has chosen .you, Mr Cole.

Jones: Let me show you.

Ramse: Let her show you.

Cole: What the hell is that thing? 

Jones: That is our salvation. The virus is not yet done with us, Mr. Cole. It will mutate again and again until not even the immune are left standing. There's only one way to end it. And you are the key. I want to send you back to stop the plague before it ever happens.

Cole: That's impossible.

Jones: Nothing is impossible. Difficult, yes. Dangerous. Not impossible. But there will be a price. If we are to reset time, all this before you will vanish. This world will cease to exist. This dark time must be sacrificed to restore a brighter one. We have no other choice. And if all this disappears so, too, shall we. And you and I we will start anew. All humanity depends on us. But they will never know what we have done. I'm grateful for that. So tell me, Mr. Cole will you help me?

Cole: Go to hell.



Cole: What the hell happened? The virus, how'd the Twelve Monkeys get it? I thought we stopped them in Chechnya.

Cassie: Chechnya? That feels like a million years ago.

Cole: After the bombing, I splintered back to 2017 by accident.

Cassie: I know. I remember. I thought it was over and that you were erased.

Cole: The machine never pulled me back. Something must be wrong.

Cassie: Oh. Here we are. And it's just like you said it would be. All those years you and I fought, and we couldn't stop it. You always said a cure was impossible. I had to try.

Cole: I know. You alright?  The soldier you sent, how did you know where I was?

Cassie: You told me. You don't remember because you haven't done it yet.

Cole: I see you again?

Cassie: Yes. It's been two years since we bombed the compound. A lot has happened since then with you and me.

Cole: Tell me. I need to know everything. How did they get the virus, the witness Cass?



Elena: They were my family. How could she do this?

Ramse: Jones she's trying to save the world.

Elena: She doesn't have to. Foster already did.

Ramse: Foster cured the first mutation. That's it.

Elena: That's not what happened. Jose, I was there. I saw it. Why won't you believe me?

Ramse: He was obsessed.  He would do anything

Elena: What about Jones? What would she do for her mission?

Ramse: Anything.

Elema: Have you considered that maybe she lied to all of you? Maybe she's only out for herself.


Cole: Cassie. Cass! Cassie, wake up. Come on. Cassie, hey.

Cassie: Hey. Hey, there you are.

Cassie: It's you.

Cole: Yeah.

Cassie: James. The Red Forest, did you find it?

Cole: I don't.

Cassie: Oh, no, no, you don't you don't know yet.

Cole: Tell me. Tell me, please.

Cassie: I want to. I want to tell you everything. But I can't change the path you're on.

Cole: Hey, hey.

Cassie: Take this. Keep it to yourself and with you at all times.

Cole: What is it?

Cassie: An address. It's why I brought you here. Your life depends on it.

Cole: Hey.

Cassie: James? I don't want to be alone when I...

Cole: You're not. You're not alone. You're not alone. I'm right here with you.

Cassie: James.

Cole: Yeah?

Cassie: You're gonna find the answers you're looking for. Keep going.

Cole: I don't know if I can.

Cassie: You can. You will.

Cole: No matter what I do, you always die.

Cassie: See you soon.

Cole: Cassie?


Jones: James. I thought you were gone forever.

Cold: I watched it happen all over again...2017...the plague. I lost her.


Ramse: Cole, what are you doing?

Cole: Pack your bags, man. We're leaving. Here.

Ramse: What if she's telling the truth?

Cole: Are you kidding? That's crazy, man.

Ramse: What if it's not?

Cole: Come on, let's get out of here.

Ramse: We got no gear. Winter's coming.

Cole: Just sack up. We'll be fine.

Ramse: Listen, West Seven's not going to find us. We're safe. We have food.

Cole: Jackpot. Hey What are you doing? -

Ramse: Me and you we've done things, OK? I made my peace with it. Have you?

Cole : Ramse, don't

Ramse: Florida is not going to fix this. It's not.

Cole: What are you doing, man?

Ramse: Hear me out. I know she's got a screw loose. She's a nut job. But what if she's telling the truth? What if it works? You got to take that shot. You need this.

Cole: You're insane. I'm leaving with or without you.


Cole: What are you doing?

Ramse: Saving your soul, brother. Saving your soul.

 このシーンが結構衝撃だった。コールたんは去ろうとしていたっていう。それをラムジーが無理から止めたっていうのが驚きというか衝撃だったというか。ラムジーはこの時、コールたんをどういうことに巻き込むことになるかわかっていたんだろうか。タイムトラベルした先で目的のために善良な人も殺すはめになっているコールたん。ラムジーが理想とする魂を救済する形では 全然ないんじゃないだろうか。

 Ramse: Hell of lot's happened since you've been gone, brother.

Cole: I know. I heard everything.

Ramse: Then you know what she did, right? She did what she had to. She murdered half of Spearhead. They had a cure. She lied to us, man. You with her on this?

Cole: The mission's all that matters now...... Where you going?

Ramse: Where do you think I'm going?

Cole:  I won't let you hurt her.

Ramse: You won't let me? What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do, Cole? I found Elena. She was living there Spearhead. She's got a kid. My kid.

Cole: Jesus, man, I'm sorry.

Ramse: Oh, you're you're sorry? That's nice. This ain't working. It's not working. You gotta stop.

Cole: I can't. I won't. I watched the world die, Ramse. Everyone. I watched her die.

Ramse: It's meant to happen, brother. She's always gonna die.

Cole: Hey, don't Don't say that. Don't say that.

Ramse: You think you're saving people? Hmm? You do, don't you? You're not erasing anyone. This has got to stop. I mean we're done.

Cole: You don't get to make that call.

Ramse: Oh? West Seven all over again, huh? You're willing to do anything?

Cole: I'm not going to let her die, Ramse.

Ramse: There he is. That's the Cole I know. You're blind, and you're selfish. What about me?

Cole: What about you, Ramse? What about you?

Ramse: My son.

Cole: Your son's already dead. There is no future. Get it through your head. 




 まぁ、ラムジーの気持ちもわかるけど。もうちょっと言い方ってもんがあると思う。 まぁ、コールたんもね、言い方を考えよう。"お前の息子はもう死んでいる”って、その言い方!