So Be It


12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 8 - Yesterday






Ramse: Please tell me you're not praying right now. Lady, you don't seem like the type, secondly, it scares me, the fact that you might need some divine intervention bringing our boy back home.

Jones: I'll take whatever I can get.

Ramse: Where is he?

Jones: Our last reading puts Mr. Cole's tracer signal in Chechnya, 2015, Operation Troy.

Ramse: I'm not gonna say it.

Jones: Then I will say it. Clearly, we did not stop the plague. The Army of the 12Monkeys remains one step ahead. So, time to bring Mr. Cole home and regroup.


Jones: Mr. Ramse. The core can't keep up with our power demands. Between that and the toll the splinter process takes on Mr. Cole's physiology, we're losing our real-time tether.

Ramse: And if we lose it?

Jones: Then Mr. Cole is lost in time with no way to bring him back.



Aaron: Hey, everything okay?

Cassie: Yeah, I'm just having trouble accepting that it that it is over.

Aaron: Yeah. It's gonna take time but we'll get there.

Cassie: But what if Cole..., What if we didn't stop it from happening? If his body is still there in Chechnya, then we're not safe. The plague will still happen.

歴史を変えるのに成功していればそもそもコールたんがキャシーの元にくることもないわけですから、そもそもコールたんのことを覚えているという自体がおかしいってことにならないんでしょうか。でもコールたんが過去にきていようがいまいが、トロイ作戦は実行されていたからそこまでの記憶はあっていいのかな??? ん??? ちょっとわからなくなってきました。

Ramse: Why do you want me to go?

Jones: Because you're as motivated as I am to bring Mr. Cole home.



Cassie: Because if Cole survived, if anyone survived, they're going to be patient zero for the worst plague this world has ever known.

Royce: I think you're overstating things just a little bit.

Cassie: Did Cole survive?

Royce: We removed the bodies of Wexler and his men. Your friend's was never found which is very good for you, because there are a lot of questions regarding this Cole.

Cassie: So he could still be alive.

Royce: Nothing survived that strike.

Cassie: Put me on the ground. I can verify it's clear.



Foster: Well, it does require a certain faith. Faith.

Ramse: Right. I have a friend. He's stuck in the past, and I'm trying to get him back.

Foster: Then I wish you all the luck in the world, but I can't help you.



Cole: Hey! Help me!

Aza: Yes! Hello!

Cole: You speak English?

Aza: Yes, are you hurt? Yes.

Yeah, I'm trapped in here.

Aza: What happened?

There was an explosion.

Aza:  My name is Aza. My father's Mikaail. What is your name?

Cole: Cole. 


Ramse: Elena?

Elena: Jose. I thought you were dead. I thought that maybe the West 7 had finally gotten you.

Ramse: No. It's amazing to see you again.

Elema:  I'm sorry, I have to get back to the lab.

Ramse: Hey, hey, hey. Talk to me.

Elena: Jose, I...

Ramse: What are you doing here? Where did you go that night?

Elena: I traveled north for a couple years. I came across this place, and Foster took me in.

Ramse: What's what's up with this coat? You've gone from lady scav to, like, scientist? Five years?

Elena: I know. No, I'm a lab tech.

Ramse: I thought I'd I thought I'd never see you again.

Elena: I had to leave.

Ramse: You didn't.

Elena: The 7 were hunting you. It wasn't safe.

Ramse: I would have protected you.

Elena: It wasn't me I was worried about.

 運命の人エレナと再会したラムジー。しかも息子まで生まれていたっていう。5年前にエレナからラムジーの元を去ったようですが、えーっと、ということは 2038年。ウエスト7を抜けたのが2035年だから、そのあとコールたんと二人でさまよっていた際に出会ったわけですね。コールたんもエレナはラムジーにとって特別で格別っていってましたから、エレナに去られた時はさぞかしショックだったでしょう。ウエスト7とのごたごたに巻き込まれないよう、1人で産む決心をしたということなんでしょうね。エレナさん,強い女性です。 


Aza:  Are you okay?

Cole: Yeah, I'm alive.

Aza: You have a cough?

Cole: No, it's just the dust.


コールたんがラムジーのこのあたりの事情を知ったらどうするでしょうか? 任務をためらうでしょうか?いやでも過去をかえなければキャシーが病気で死んでしまうわけですから、コールたんは過去をやっぱり変えたがるような気がするな。キャシーを助けたい思いが強くて任務に突き進んでいた気配もあったし...。 


Ramse: You tell him about me?

Elena: No. Not because you're not worthy. Because I don't know what his life is gonna be, who's gonna be there for him in his future.

Ramse: This virus, it's gonna keep on mutating.

Elena: Foster is close to finding a cure.

Ramse: Come on. All the doctors in the whole world, they couldn't solve this 30 years ago.

Elena: But Foster Jose, he gives you something. Something to believe in.

Ramse: Yeah. "You believe in me, or die. " That's how a coup works.

Elena: It might have started that way but look around you. Look at everything that he has done here.

 すぐに変異するから世界中の科学者が30年間研究してもワクチンをつくることに成功していないということではあるけれど、タイムトラベルでパンデミックが起こらなかったことにすることを思えば、研究を続けてワクチンのレシピを見つける方がよっぽど現実味がありそうな気はするけれど...。そもそもコールたんは免疫保持者なんだし、キャシーそこからワクチンの研究した方が、ウイルスが変異する前になんとかなるとかならない...のかな?? あー、でもウイルスの本株がないから研究は無理なのか。

Aza: Cole! Cole, are you there?

Cole: Yeah. Yeah, I'm here.

Aza : My father went to find help.

Cole: That's good.

Aza: What will you do when you get out?

Cole: I don't know.

Aza: I know what I would do. If I could do anything, I would have Chuda. My mother, she made it the best. She is gone now.

Cole: Hey. Hey, you all right?

Aza: Yes. I think so. It just started.

Cole: Listen to me, you need to find a phone and call my friend. She needs to know what's going on here. She's a doctor, she can help you.

Aza: It's okay, help is coming. We just have to wait a little longer. Help is coming.


Jones: The man I sent back into time, he retrieved them for me.


Ramse:  They say that they're able to predict when the virus is gonna change, that they're also able to create a cure every time it mutates. You know what that means? We don't have to go back in time. If Cole comes back, we just move forward with our lives.


Jones: We need to retrieve Mr. Cole. That machine is the only hope for us, not Foster's computers.

Ramse: You can't save Cole unless you take Foster's deal.

Jones: Mr. Ramse, I promise you we'll find a solution, but now, if you'll excuse me, I have work to do.


Whitley: Maybe he's right. We make a deal to use the core. Maybe then we can convince Foster.

Jones: Foster's deal is just a window into our eventual servitude.

Whitley:Then what do we do? Hmm?

Jones: We take their core.

Whitley: Take it how?

Jones: By any means necessary.


Aza: Cole! Cole, wake up! You're safe! They're coming to get you out!



Cassie: Aaron, it's me. Cole's not here, I'm sure. I've bribed officials, talked to locals, and now I'm standing in front of the blast site. No one survived, and there's no body. He did it. He saved the future. He was erased. It's over.



Cole: The virus, it got out?

Aza: Of course. There's been a plague, all over the world.

Cole: But What year is it? What year is this?

Aza: 2017

Cole: Oh, they tried to pull me back. I jumped two years. 


マシンを壊す原因となった最初のコールたんを戻そうとした試みが、どうやら2017年にコールたんを飛ばしていたもよう。 だからこそコールたんはミサイルの犠牲にならなくてすんだってことか。ジョーンズはそうと知らないままコールたんの命を救ってくれていたわけだ。しかし、相手の状況を知らないでタイムトラベルさせるって結構こわい。車運転している時とかだったらどうするんだ!