So Be It


12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 7 - The Keys







Cole: You're here, safe. That's all that matters.

Cassie: You're not looking so good yourself.

Cole: Don't worry about me.


Cole: What's the rush? He's not going anywhere. We should grab a drink or some food and just be us for a while.

Cassie: I'm sorry, have we met? 



Cole: I love this. The music. Come here.

Cassie: Cole.

Cole: Just forget about that guy for a minute. We're here. Let's..., Let's be here.

Cassie: You know how to dance?

Cole: No. Show me. 



Cassie: You're good.

Cole: You smell nice.

Cassie : You smell like tandoori skewers.

Cole: I had a bunch of 'em.

Cassie: Yes, I know. 




Cole: I don't have time to explain, but I'm in Chechnya.

Cassie: Cole?

Cole: Listen, this isn't gonna make a lot of sense. I need your help. I have the virus, but someone's trying to kill me.

Cassie: But you were just here.

Cole: Operation Troy is happening right now. I have a chance to end it.

Cassie: How can that be?

Cole: The virus is in a metal briefcase. I'm here because in one week you and Aaron are gonna give me the details so they can send me back to today to stop it.


Cassie: Cole, are you OK? I'm with Aaron. We're arriving at the CIA right now. We 're gonna tell them.

Cole: No, no, no, no. No authorities.

Cassie: Cole, there is no other way. Now, you have to explain this to me.

Cole: Last time you saw me, at the bookstore, the night at the museum, I told you I'd be sent back in a week. I was. This hasn't happened for you yet. But it has for me.

Cassie: OK.

Cole: In a week's time, Aaron is gonna come into the bookstore and tell us that Operation Troy has already happened.

Cassie:  But Aaron doesn't know anything.

Cole: He doesn't know now. But one week into your future, he'll know how to intercept the virus because it will already have happened. That's how the two of you help me to get back to today to stop it. Now, I have the case. I need to destroy the virus. Don't tell me bleach. I couldn't get any.

Cassie: What?

Cole: A week from today, you're gonna tell me to use bleach. I'm in the middle of the woods. No bleach.

Cassie: OK.



Cole: You can stay here, ride it out and die like men, or you can leave like cowards and kill everyone you've ever known. Families, wives, children.


 コールたんの目の前でトランクが開けられウィルスが飛散。このままではコールたんが"Die for nothing" になってしまう!!!

Wexler: Why are you so willing to die?

Cole: I got it coming. Other people don't. Order from chaos, it isn't real




Cole: You have to promise me something. You're gonna see me again in a week. But it won't be the me from now. It'll be the me from before. When I'm there, you can't tell me anything about this. You can't try to change it. If I die here with the virus, the future will be saved.

Cassie: Isn't there a way to reset this? What if you、What if you went 

Cole: No, there's no time. If we try it again, we might fail. I'm almost out of jumps.

Cassie: I don't know if I can do that.

Cole: Yes, you can, Cassie. You can do it. I know you can, because you already did. Everything that happened that night makes sense now.



Cole: Listen, I wanna tell you something. It won't make any sense to you now. But it will the next time you see me.

Cassie: OK, OK.

Cole: It's the Keys. I couldn't tell you before cos I was too embarrassed, but It's the Keys in Florida. I saw a picture of a beach there in a magazine once. That's where I'd go.


Cassie: Cole?

Cole:I'm here. I'm still here. I'm glad I got to know you, Cassie. 


Cole: What's the occasion? You cleaned up around here.

Cassie: Yeah, seemed like a good idea to toss old leads, get a fresh start.

Cole: Hey, you know, last week when we were dancing, I've never done that before. It was nice.



Cole: I could go back and fix this. I can use this to get the courier before he delivers the virus.

Aaron: Yeah. Hey, I gotta go, but good luck.

Cole: Thanks. Hey, it was good work.


Cassie: Hey, take a break for a second. I just wanna talk to you.

Cole:  I'm gonna splinter any second.

Cassie: I know, but We could just be us, just for a minute.

Cole: Cassie, I'm gonna fix this, OK?

Cassie: I know.


Cassie: What do you think will happen when this is over? I know you say that the future will be saved and that you won't exist, but what do you think happens to you?

Cole: I don't know. Wind up a better me in a better place, I hope.

Cassie: And what is that, that place? What does it look like to you?

Cole: I was in foster care when I was little and the other kids used to have this game they'd play, talking about where they'd go if they could go anywhere. Exotic places mostly, just stupid kid stuff.

Cassie: Where was your place?


Cassie: Cole, wait.

Cole: What is it?

Cassie: Goodbye.

 ”See you"ではなくて"Good Bye"といったキャシー。



These Arms of Mine

These Arms of Mine

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