So Be It


12 Monkeys season1 Episode 5 - The Night Room




Cole: You should get some rest.

Jones: So should you.

Cole: Yeah, I never really sleep before a jump. Ramse and I usually knock a couple back. It's become a kind of pre-splinter tradition.

Jones: Now I know why our calculations are off. It's the alcohol in your bloodstream.


Jones: Cole said you were having a toast.

Ramse: Yeah, could be our last night here. If big boy here doesn't screw up and he actually changes history. Best hangover cure ever.



Ramse: What the hell is wrong with you? Listen, I get that you're in a rush to delete yourself.


Cole: Easy, man.

Ramse: That one's in a mad dash too. You guys are being reckless.

Cole: We're getting close to the end of this thing. If she's right about tomorrow...

Ramse: All Right. It'd never have happened. I get it.

Cole: Yeah. And you won't be around to hear me say I told you so.


Cassie: What's our plan?

Cole: We get a closer look.

Cassie: Yeah, we need a plan.

Cole: That is the plan. We get a closer look.

Cassie: I've seen that face before, right before you shot Leland Goines.

Cole: Look, Cassie, this is it. You found it, what we've been looking for this whole time. 




Cassie:  They're going to kill us.

Cole:  It doesn't matter. I don't care about living through the next two hours. The plague is right down there. This is why I'm here. This is what I came here for. We've gotten this far. We have to get down there and destroy it.



Max: This is what being erased feels like?

Ramse: Mm-hm. Exactly.


Ramse: Excuse me. Pardon. Pardon me.Hi.I know you guys are hard at work, but like I just discovered something. Are these my hands? Oh, my God! We're still here.

Jones: Sarcasm. I like it.

Ramse: Hey, he still alive?

Jones: We got his tracer signal.

Ramse: You're not answering my question.


Ramse: You see that look she gave me?

Max: Yeah, I saw that look she gave you. Why does Cole trust her?

Ramse: I don't know.

Max: Doctor Grim.

Ramse: What?

Max: That's what they call her.

Ramse: That's what who calls her?

Max: West 7. There are stories about a German doctor who turns people inside out. Experiments.

Ramse: That's scav ghost stories.

Max: That's pretty specific, though.

Ramse:  No, that's not Jones.


Max: No, must be the other German doctor. I always thought that Deacon just made shit up to keep us from running off. But now Shit, Ramse. You guys are running with a lady who sends people through time.



Cole: Why don't you call him down here and we can all have a chat?


Pallid Man: A chat? Have a chat? That's not your usual solution.Not with Leland. Or Henri in Haiti. Your answer was a bullet.How many more do you have to kill before this is over




Cassie: ls it true? Did you kill Henri? Cole. Answer me.

Cole: I didn't have a choice.




Ramse: How dare you! What the hell is this? Huh? What'd you do to these people? Cole wasn't the first, was he?

Jones: No.There were others.Others lost in time.


Cole: Jennifer!

Jennifer: You say it right. You say my name and the voices stop to listen.

Cole: OK.

Jennifer: Those otter eyes. Like two full moons pulling back the tide.



Jones: They were experiments, specimens sent through time. And completely necessary to finish the project. Each one a little more progress before we were ready to send Cole back.

Ramse: There's nothing you wouldn't do for this?

Jones: No.

Ramse: You better wake up, lady. In case you haven't noticed, it's not working. Nothing's changed. We're still here. All you got is blood on your hands. 


Jones: Call me a monster.

Ramse: This is wrong.

Jones: This was necessary. You don't think I felt the pain of those men?

Ramse: You kept going.


Jones: Because in a thousand generations we could not rebuild what was lost! What is the lives of a few people compared to the whole of human history? Without it there's nothing. Nothing. No future. Just Just drifting in the ocean of time. No shore in sight.

Ramse: You tell me the truth. This gonna happen to Cole?

Jones: I won't let it happen.

Ramse: It matters. It matters what we do here. This time.


Cassie: I trusted you. I had a good life before I met you. A full life. Now there's just death.

Cole: Ramse and I, we, uh we had rules for ourselves. Never kill in anger, only for self-defense. Then that became food and shelter. This one day we raided this farmhouse and there was this old couple. The husband went down easy. But the old lady, she she was quick. She got a knife in me before I And, uh so I did it. She, uh she looked up at me and she smiled. Like she forgave me. And I never knew it before that moment, but that was what I wanted.

Cassie: Forgiveness?

Cole: I don't deserve it. I know that. But that's what I've been rushing towards, just trying to make everything make sense. And that's what this is. You know, if I can if I can fix this, if I can fix it then all of it won't have been for nothing.


Cassie: Maybe if you found somebody else. You're willing to do what is needed and I'm not. I can't. I just wanna heal people, fix things.

Cole: That's good. You don't wanna be like me.

Cassie: No.


Jennifer: There's something about its eyes.


Cole: Now Why am I still here?  

Jennifer: Cole.

Cole:Something's wrong. 


Cole: What the hell's going on? Jones? Ramse?